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The work on the agriculture, based on the concept of Sanjeevan system was initiated in 1990.The concept was developed in treatment of human ailments in the beginning of 20th century. The results have been properly documented. The results are astonishing.

SANJEEVAN SYSTEM – VITAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN AGRICULTURE While discovering the mysteries of universe, Vedic rishis realized that at the time of creation of the universe only two things were present. They were Matter and Energy. All living beings are made up of these two basic elements of universe, such as earth or soil for nutrition, water for transportation of nutrients, oxygen and carbon dioxide from air for respiration, sunlight for photosynthesis and space which facilitates conditions for various chemical and biochemical reactions in the plant system. In general these five forms of matter take care of nutrition of the plants. (Earth, Water, Gases, Sunlight and Space) and provide specific framework to perform actions as per the nature’s norms.

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